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US Brand Name Ketosteril 
Generic Name Alpha Ketoanalouge
Other Brand Name Ketosteril 
Packing 100
Manufacturer Fresenius Kabi India
Form Tablet
Strength 600mg
Country India

  • 100 tabs 600 mg $149.00
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Ketosteril is a supplementary medication for patients in repressing or treating problems caused by impaired protein metabolism in chronic renal deterioration.


Ketosteril is indicated for patients who have protein energy malnutrition. It is also prescribed to pre-dialysis patients in the hope of averting the need for dialysis as this drug enhances renal function. Ketosteril is used to treat symptoms in chronic renal deterioration caused by impaired protein metabolism.


Patients who are have allergies or are hypersensitive in ketoanalogues or any constituent of Ketosteril should not use this drug. Since this drug may cause severe effects, those who are diagnosed with hypercalcemia (increased levels of calcium in the blood) and have disrupted amino acid metabolism should also avoid using this medication. While undergoing this treatment, the patient must refrain from taking tetracycline as it affects the absorption of calcium and may lead to adverse drug reactions such as hypercalcemia. Fatal interactions could also happen while taking Ketosteril with other drugs; which is why it is important that the doctor should be informed about the medicines that the patient has been taking prior to this treatment. Patients undergoing dialysis should also consult their doctor regarding the use of Ketosteril.


This drug is composed of ketoanalogues and essential amino acids that assist recycling product exchange and help regulate metabolic processes. It is packed in 100s with each tablet containing strength of 600mg.

Important Precautions

Apart from the risk of Hypercalcemia, special precautions should also be given to patients who are diagnosed to have hypophospatemia or the condition where the blood has an abnormally low level of phosphorus. Those with phenylketonuria (incapability of properly breaking down phenylalanine in the body) should also use this drug with caution. Patients using Ketosteril must also refrain from performing activities requiring alertness since this medicine could cause sickness or drowsiness. There have been no records of the application of this drug to pregnant women and children. If the situation arises, it is best that the patient should first ask for the doctor

Dosage and administration

The patient must follow the prescription given by the doctor always. For Ketosteril, it is recommended for adults to drink four to eight tablets (1 tab/5kg body weight), three times a day. The tablet should not be crushed or chewed and should be drank in whole with a low protein regimen.