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US Brand Name Lantus Cartridges
Generic Name Insulin Glargine
Other Brand Name Lantus Cartridges
Packing 1
Manufacturer Aventis
Form 5 cartridges of 3 ml
Strength 100 IU/ml

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Lantus Cartridge Systems

Lantus Cartridge Systems help to aid your body in using its sugar properly and also lowers the level of glucose found in the blood to be able to treat diabetes. You should not use it if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in this medication so you should discuss using Lantus Cartridge Systems with your doctor. It is also known that some medical conditions can interact with this medication so make sure that your doctor is aware of any other problems you may have. You must also be careful if you are taking any other medications as they may interfere with Lantus Cartridge Systems.


If you have decided to take Lantus Cartridge Systems be sure you read the instructions carefully and are aware of the proper dosage to take. This medication should be taken at the same time each day and make sure you wash your hands before each usage. Make sure you have been shown how to inject the cartridges. Keep in mind that injecting too little or too much insulin can make for serious side effects. Look to see that the Lantus Cartridge Systems are clear and colorless and don’t use them if you see any particles or if there is discoloration. Never dilute it or mix it with any other insulin. The injection should be deep under the skin and never in a vein or muscle. Your site for injection whether in the abdomen, thigh or upper arms must be rotated day by day. Once you have purchased your Lantus Cartridge System check with your pharmacist if you have any doubts about measuring and preparing the dosage you need to use. The effects of the medication last for as long as 24 hours. Never miss any injections and be sure you keep the medication in a safe place and away from children.

Side effects

You should be aware of the side effects of Lantus Cartridge Systems. Be sure that you have no redness, swelling, itching or mild pain at the injection site. If you experience any severe reactions such as allergic reactions, tightness in the chest, swelling of the mouth, changes in vision, confusion among others make sure that you seek immediate medical attention. Be sure that you are aware of all of the possible side effects that this medication can cause.


Some other things to consider if you have chosen to take Lantus Cartridge Systems is that they can make you drowsy, dizzy, blurry eyed and perhaps light-headed and all of this may become worse it you take any alcohol on top of it all. Therefore you shouldn’t drive or perform any difficult or unsafe tasks while taking this medication. Keep in mind that alcohol can also affect your blood sugar level. Along with taking Lantus Cartridge Systems you should also follow a proper and healthy diet and get regular exercise. Remember to take regular tests of your blood sugar level. In case anything should occur make sure that when you are away from your house that you carry an ID card which will tell people that you have diabetes.