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US Brand Name Generic Xylocaine
Generic Name Lidocaine
Other Brand Name Easycainne, Anestol
Packing 20g
Manufacturer Miracalus, Astra Zeneca India, Sandoz
Form Ointment
Strength 5%
Country India

  • Ointment 20g 5% $8.20
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Lidocaine is an anesthetic agent and is applied topically to cause numbness at the site of application. It starts functioning within 5 minutes of application. It offers pain relief for up to 4 hours. It is used to relieve pain, itching, burns temporarily, resulting for skin inflammations. It serves as a lubricant during medical procedures and performance of tests.


Lidocaine is indicated as local anesthetic ointment that results in loss of feeling at the site of application. It could be used before doctor has to make certain examinations that can be painful. Also indicated to relieve pain from various skin burns for instance sun burn, skin abrasions, wounds, hemorrhoids (the pathological condition in which such painful masses occur) or different insect bites.

Side effects

It may cause skin irritation. The skin at the site of application may develop blisters, burning sensations or itching. These reactions are temporary. Other adverse effects include dizziness, headache, taste alteration, blur vision. Over dosage also lead to numbness in the area around mouth, in case of heavy over dosage seizures and unconsciousness may occur. However, side effects vary from person to person.


The ointment is contraindicated in patients, who are allergic to lidocaine, or any other -caine type anesthetics and to any inactive ingredients. People with severe heart and liver problems must avoid the use of it.


Store at room temperature; at a dry, cool place and away from the reach of children. Protect from direct heal, light, moisture. Also, protect it from freezing. Do not place in a bathroom.


The active ingredient includes lidocaine 5%. Lidocaine is a synthetic amide C14H22N2O chiefly used as a local anesthetic. Inactive ingredients include polyethylene glycol, propylene glycol and purified water.

Important Precautions

Tell your doctor of your medical history before using this medicine. Inform about all other medicines that you are taking, also inform if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, breast-feed, if you have severe heart, kidney or liver disease. Avoid going out in the sun and exposure to heat until complete sensations have returned. Also avoid eating chewing gum, because it may cause numbness in the tongue or gums and might result in injuries due to bites. Avoid in the area around eyes.

Dosage and administration

Lidocaine comes in the form of ointment in a tube. Be sure that the seal of the tube is intact. Clean the area where ointment is meant to be applied. Apply a thin film of the ointment to the affected area. If you are applying with fingers, make sure you wash them properly afterwards. It is better to apply with a sterile gauze pad to avoid contamination. It is only for topical use. For adults, no more than 10gm of ointment should be used on single application. The next application should be at least after 8 hours. Dose for children aging between 2 to 12 years depends on the weight of the child. No more than 1g of ointment should be used per 10kg of child's weight. Next application should be followed not before 8 hours.