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US Brand Name Malaria Antigen Test Pan/pf
Generic Name Malaria Test Kit
Other Brand Name Malaria Antigen Test Pan/pf
Packing 1
Manufacturer Biotec Labo, Oscar Medicare
Form 1 Kit
Country India

  • 40 x Malaria Antigen Test Pan/pf Kit $88.00
Available online
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Malaria occurs when a parasite named Plasmodium infects in the red blood cells of the person. It is caused by mosquito Anopheles. Malaria usually occurs in hot and humid places. Before resorting to the medical expert you can detect if you are infected in malaria by using Malaria test kit, it is for the rapid initial detection and confirmation of malaria infection in the blood. Malaria test kit is able to differentiate between P. falciparum to other malaria parasites. The test gives accuracy and detects as few as 50