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US Brand Name Minirin
Generic Name Desmopressin
Other Brand Name Minirin
Packing 1ml x 10
Manufacturer Ferring Pharma
Form Ampule
Strength 4mgc x 1ml
Country India

  • 4mgc x 1ml 10 Injection Ampules $35.50
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Desmopressin is really a man-made type of the hormone occurring normally within the pituitary gland. This particular hormone is essential for a lot of features such as blood circulation, bloodstream stress, and kidney perform, as well as controlling the way the entire body utilizes drinking water.


Desmopressin can be used to deal with bed-wetting, main cranial diabetes insipidus, as well as elevated desire as well as urination brought on by mind surgical treatment or even mind stress.

Side effects

Obtain crisis healthcare assist for those who have these indicators of the allergic attack: hives; trouble inhaling and exhaling; inflammation of the encounter, mouth, language, or even neck. Cease getting desmopressin as well as phone your physician at the same time for those who have these severe unwanted effects: nausea or vomiting, throwing up, weak point, lack of urge for food, head ache, sensation stressed or even irritable, misunderstandings, hallucinations, muscle mass discomfort or even weak point, and/or seizure; sensation as if you may distribute; inflammation, pounds obtain; or even precariously higher bloodstream stress. Much less severe unwanted effects can sometimes include: head ache; nausea or vomiting, moderate belly discomfort; or even warmness, inflammation, or even tingly sensation inside your encounter.


You shouldn't consider this particular medicine if you're hypersensitive in order to desmopressin, or even for those who have serious kidney illness or even have you ever experienced hyponatremia (reduced salt amounts within your body).


Store the medication in a room temperature and away from the effects of light and moisture.


The drug is made up of Desmopressin and marketed in the form of ampule. With the strength of 4 mgc by ml and pack with 10 pieces per packaging.

Important Precautions

If there are patient who are having conditions such as allergies it is important to inform the doctor. It must be important to use the medication without the prescription of the doctor.

Dosage and administration

Use this particular medicine just as recommended by your physician. Don't go within bigger quantities or even with regard to lengthier compared to suggest. Adhere to the actual instructions in your doctor prescribed content label. It is crucial to lessen your own consumption associated with drinking water along with other liquids when you are getting desmopressin. Consuming an excessive amount of drinking water may cause the body to get rid of salt that can lead to a significant, life-threatening electrolyte discrepancy. Liquid limitation is particularly essential within kids as well as old grownups getting desmopressin. Adhere to your own physician's directions concerning the kind as well as quantity of fluids you need to consume. If you're changing through desmopressin sinus squirt in order to desmopressin pills, wait around a minimum of twenty four hours following your own final sinus dosage before you decide to consider your own very first pill. To be certain this particular medicine is actually assisting your problem; your own bloodstream will have to end up being examined frequently. This can assist your physician figure out how lengthy to deal with a person along with desmopressin. Don't skip any kind of planned visits.