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US Brand Name Morr-F Solution
Generic Name Minoxidil/ Finasteride
Other Brand Name Morr-F Solution
Packing 60 ml
Manufacturer Intas Pharma
Form Solution
Strength Minoxidil 5%/ Finasteride 0.1%
Country India

  • Minoxidil 5% + Finasteride 0.1% solution 60 ml $29.90
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Minoxdil 5 % + finasteride 0.1 % is a drug which is available for the treatment of hair loss in the males. It is composed of solution which is to be applied over the scalp. Minoxdil 5 % + finasteride 0.1 % is available in the strength of specific quantity which is necessary for the effective result.


Minoxdil 5 % + finasteride 0.1 % solution is used for the prevention of hair loss and treatment of baldness in the male gender. It is also used to thicken and make hair strong. It is used for the shiny and better look of hairs. It is also used for the natural growth of hairs. Baldness is a main problem of men especially after the 30 but males can also suffer from baldness in early youth and childhood. It is necessary for those who have fragile hairs and hair loss and also for those whose hair are falling because of genetic reasons.

Side effects

Minoxdil 5 % + finasteride 0.1 % may have certain side effects as a short time hair loss. Itching and irritation in hair. Dryness of scalp and abnormal headache along with the infection of chest which can prolong but no mortal side effects are still viewed.


Minoxdil 5 % + finasteride 0.1 % is highly contraindicated to the patients having allergy or hypersensitivity from the fanisteride or monoxidil.


Store the Minoxdil 5 % + finasteride 0.1 % solution at room temperature.


Minoxdil 5 % + finasteride 0.1 % is composed of the most effective combination of the monoxidil and fanisteride in a very specific quantity. These two components are considered very wonderful for the growth of hair and hair loss prevention. Monoxidil is present in the quantity of 5 % where as the fnisteride fragments are in the ratio of 0.1 % as it can be well formed in this quantity for good working and action. These two active ingredients are necessary and important ingredients for the Minoxdil 5 % + finasteride 0.1 %. Other ingredients involved are propylene glycol, alcohol in 30 % purified water, docusate sodium, iron oxide, titanium oxide and hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose.

Important Precautions

The Minoxdil 5 % + finasteride 0.1 % solution must be used after the prescription of doctor. Be aware of any of the allergic compound. Tell your doctor also. Do not to be used by the women. Apply over clean scalp. Do not use with the combination. Comb after the drying of hairs. Do not wash immediately. Apply and massage a little bit. Do not apply over dosage. Ask your doctor when to stop and start the medication.

Dosage and administration

The minimum quantity that can cover the scalp is advised for the dosage. Almost two time application is necessary for the best results. But the prescription is necessary and dosage must be advised by the related doctor or physicians. The drug must be applied over the clean and dry scalp before the application of any other hair product. Hair combing must be done after the drying of the drug.