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US Brand Name Minitran; Nitrek; Nitro-Bid; Nitro-Derm; Nitro-Dur; Nitro-Time; Nitrodisc; Nitrogard; Nitrolingual; NitroQuick; Nitrostat; NitroTab; Transderm-Nitro; Transdermal-NTG;
Generic Name Glicerin-trinitrĂ¡t; Glicerolio trinitratas; Glonoin; Glycerol-trinitrĂ¡t; Glyceroli Trinitras; Glyceroli Trinitratis; Glyceryltrinitrat; Glyseryylitrinitraatti; NTG; Nitroglicerina; Nitroglycerin; Nitroglycerol; Trinitrin; Trinitroglycerin
Other Brand Name Nitrogesic Ointment
Manufacturer Troikaa
Packing 30gm
Form Ointment
Strength 0.02

  • 0.2% 30 gm $7.90
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Nitroglycerin ointment is a prescription skin ointment that has been approved for the treatment of attacks of Angina. It does not treat angina but definitely prevents the attacks of angina which occur due to the inadequate supply of blood to the heart.


Nitroglycerin Ointment is prescribed for the treatment of chest pain (angina). It helps in widening the blood vessels to the heart. The increased enables more supply of blood and oxygen to the heart. In some case, it may be prescribed for other uses as well.


Glyceryl Trinitrate is the active ingredient present in the composition of Nytrogylcerine ointment.

Important Precautions

Before taking this medication, you must inform your doctor about:

Dosage and administration

It is advised to follow the instructions of your doctor. However, normally, the recommended dose is applicying the ointment for three times a day. Your doctor may advise more frequent application. Ensure to close the cap of the tube immediately after taking out the ointment. It is best to consult the doctor if symptoms do not go away.