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US Brand Name Orthovisc
Generic Name High molecular weight Hyaluronan
Other Brand Name Orthovisc
Packing 2ml
Manufacturer Anika Therapeutics
Form Syringe (sterile)
Strength 15mg / ml

  • 15mg / ml x 2ml Injection Sterile Syringe $57.72
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High molecular weight Hyaluronan is a solution of sodium hyaluronate, it is viscous substance that is present naturally in the knee joint. This medication is injected into the knee to help relieve the pain from osteoporosis present in the knee.


High molecular weight Hyaluronan is indicated for the treatment of pain for OA of the knee in patients who do not show responses to the treatment without the use of medications such as physical therapy or exercise.


High molecular weight Hyaluronan should not be given for patients that have allergy or sensitivity to any of its ingredients or components. This is used with caution for pregnant and lactating mother. Patients are also contraindicated if they have skin infections on the area where it will be injected.


High molecular weight Hyaluronan is administered by injecting the patients. Its vial has strength of 15mg / ml x 2ml

Important Precautions

Before taking this medication acquaint your health care about the significant information with regards to your health condition, inform your doctor if you have other conditions in the body aside from knee pain. Tell your doctor if you are taking other medication, herbal medicine, supplement, dyes or preservatives. Do not receive any vaccination unless prescribed by your health care. If you

Dosage and administration

This medication is injected in the specific area in the body. This medication is given to the patients with taking consideration of the other important infromations with regards to their health situation. It could be administered at home by a family member. Understand carefully the instructions given by your health care. Avoid overdosing for it caused other symptoms. Use this medication within the time prescribed by your health care, if ever symptoms persist after the given dosage then report to your doctor.