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US Brand Name Generic Trental
Generic Name Pentoxifylline
Other Brand Name Flexital
Packing 10
Manufacturer Aventis, Sanofi, Sun Pharma
Form Extended Release Tablet
Strength 400 mg
Country Turkey, India

  • 30 tabs 400 mg (ER) $7.20
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Generic Trental is a prescription medication approved by FDA to reduce the blood viscosity and improve the flow of blood. It improves the blood flow problem like intermittent claudication. The medication is also found effective in preventing stroke, muscle pain caused due to exercising, managing sickle cell disease and to relieve nausea and headache due to high altitude sickness. Generic Trental works by improving the flow of blood in the brain and allows the easy flow of the blood.


Trental, a prescription medication is used in the treatment of blood flow problems like intermittent claudication. The medication also improves the flow of blood in brain thereby impoving the blood circulation in the body. Due to this the medication is found extremely effective in the treatment of peripheral arterial disease. The medication also treats pain and discomforts in most of the diseases although it is not used to cure the disease.


Generic Trental contains active ingredient Pentoxifylline.

Important Precautions

It is very important to discuss one medical and health conditions with one doctor before taking generic Trental, as people allergic to any of the ingredient of the medication is not recommended with this medication. Even people suffering with some of the medical conditions need to discuss with the doctor to ensure the safety and efficacy of the medication. Some of the conditions in which the patients need to check it with the doctor include:

Dosage and administration

The right dosage of Trental varies from individual to individual and one should strictly follow the dosage prescribed by the doctors to obtain the best result of the medication. However the standard dose of Trental for improving blood flow and reducing the viscosity of the blood in the treatment of peripheral arterial disease is 400 mg of tablets taken thrice in a day at regular intervals. Studies have proven that the dose higher than this does not increase the effectiveness of the medication although the risks of side effects do increased. The medication must be taken with a glass full of water and the tablet must not be chewed or crushed. The medication must be taken at regular intervals to maintain the level of this drug in the blood stream.