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Pet Care

  • Generic Respirax, Clenbuterol Hydrochloride Oral Paste for Pets

    Generic Name:Clenbuterol Hydrochloride
    Form:Oral Paste for Pets
    Out of Stock
  • Generic Vetmedin, Pimobendan Chewable

    Generic Name:Pimobendan
    Form:Chewable Tablet
  • Strongheart Chewable

    Generic Name:Ivermectin/ Pyrantel Pamoate
    Out of Stock
  • Tefrosol Forte Herbal Liver Tonic

    Generic Name:Herbal Liver Tonic
    Out of Stock
  • Visiocare Ophthalmic Ointment for Dogs, Cyclosporine

    Generic Name:Cyclosporine
    Form:Ophthalmic Ointment for Dogs
  • Otirel, Ofloxacin/ Clotrimazole/ Beclomethasone Dipropionate/ Lignocaine Ear Drops

    Generic Name:Ofloxacin/ Clotrimazole/ Beclomethasone Dipropionate/ Lignocaine
    Form:Eye Drops
    Out of Stock
  • Generic Heartgard Plus, Ivermectin/ Pyrantel Pamoate

    Generic Name:Ivermectin/ Pyrantel Pamoate
  • Abaquantel Oral Paste

    Generic Name:Abamectin/ Praziquantel
    Form:Oral Paste
  • Carodyl

    Generic Name:Carprofen
    Form:Chewable Tablet
  • Prazimec Oral Paste

    Generic Name:Ivermectin/ Pyrantel
    Form:Oral Paste
    Out of Stock
  • Prazivet Cat

    Generic Name:Praziquantal/ Pyrantel
    Out of Stock
  • Safeheart Chewable

    Generic Name:Pimobendan
    Form:Chewable Tablet
  • Deramaxx

    Generic Name:Deracoxib
  • Sulfacure Ointment

    Generic Name:Pure Sulfur/ Mineral Oil/ Neem Oil/ Camphor/ White Ointment
    Out of Stock
  • Revolution Spot On Solution for Dog

    Generic Name:Selamectin
    Form:Spot On Solution for Dog
  • Frontline Spray

    Generic Name:Fipronil
  • Fatsup Liquid Supplement For Dog

    Generic Name:Soyabean oil/ Gamma Linolenic acid/ Eicosapentaenoic acid/ Docosahexanoic acid/ Retinyl palmitate/ Alphatocopheryl Acetate/ Biotin/ Pyridoxine HCL/ Zinc sulphate Monohydrate/ Inositol
    Form:Liquid Supplement For Dog
  • Generic Gastrogard, Omeprazole Oral Paste for Equine

    Generic Name:Omeprazole
    Form:Oral Paste
  • Strongheart Plus Chewable

    Generic Name:Ivermectin/ Pyrantel
    Form:Chewable Tablet
  • Proheart

    Generic Name:Moxidectin
    Out of Stock
  • Panoramis

    Generic Name:Spinosad/ Milbemycin
    Form:Chewable Tablet
  • Ivomec Injection

    Generic Name:Ivermectin
  • Comfortis Chewable

    Generic Name:Spinosad
    Form:Chewable Tablet
  • Micotix Shampoo

    Generic Name:Chlorhexidine Gluconate/ Miconazole Nitrate
    Form:Shampoo for Animals
  • Fiprofort Plus Spot On Solution for Dogs

    Generic Name:Fipronil/ S-Methoprene
    Form:Spot On Solution for Dogs
  • Episoothe Shampoo & Conditioner

    Generic Name:Colloidal Oatmeal + Spherulites + Chitosanide
    Form:Shampoo, Conditioner
  • Lixen, Cephalexin Monohydrate

    Generic Name:Cephalexin Monohydrate
  • Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension 

    Generic Name:Pyrantel Pamoate/ Febantel
    Form:Oral Suspension for Puppies
  • Previcox for Dogs, Firocoxib

    Generic Name:Firocoxib
  • Kiwof Hart Chewable Tab

    Generic Name:Ivermectin & Pyrantel Chewable
    Form:Chewable Tablet