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US Brand Name Plasmex
Generic Name Dextran
Other Brand Name Plasmex
Packing 500 ml
Manufacturer Core
Form Infusion
Strength 10%

  • 500 ml $14.90
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Dextran is made of chained of glucose division that varies from number of lengths. It is used to those who had problems in health condition regarding with blood platelets. The properties found in Dextran helps in reducing the viscosity of blood. Dextran has properties that are very effective in depleting anemia in the body. The composition of this drug gives off the benefit of the user to enjoy life with much pleasure because of the relief it gives by protecting the patient from anemic condition.


Dextran is used medicinally for so many years long right after it was discovered because of its effect that satisfies the user due to the benefits it brought to those who have used this medicine drug for medication. Dextran is chiefly used by patients as an anti- platelet drug in lowering the viscosity of the blood. It is chiefly used also to patients in treating iron related deficiencies. Lack of iron in the body causes health problem because it will have a low supply of oxygen which is very important to human in order to function well.


This medicine is contraindicated for medication to patient's with allergy to this drug's composition.


Dextran is in a form of Inf with 10% strength and is packed in 500 ml in a pack.

Important Precautions

Patients who are using Dextran should listen carefully to doctor

Dosage and administration

The dosage of Dextran depends on the condition of the patient. For adults with anemic conditions, first dosage is 25 mg up to 100 mg used every day. Patient's adjustment of dosage must be with doctor's consent so that difficulties of the arising side effects will be prevented. Patient should not take advance medication if he/she is not diagnosed with iron deficiencies, over dosing of this drug triggers the normal health condition of the patient. The prescription of the doctor must be followed accordingly to have a greater effect of the medication. This drug can be taken alone or with the integration of other drug suited to go along as a combination to have a satisfying effect.