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US Brand Name Premarin
Generic Name Conju. Estrogens
Other Brand Name PREMARIN
Manufacturer WYETH
Packing 28
Form Tablet
Strength 0.625 mg

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Premarin is a medication recommended for treating a number of medical conditions. The medicine is prescribed for treating menopausal symptoms in females. The drug is also prescribed for treating hormone deficiency in younger females and for providing the relief from some of its symptoms. The tablets of the drug for oral administration are available in the dosage strengths of 0.9mg, 0.625mg, 0.45mg and 0.3mg.


Premarin is prescribed for treating the following conditions: • The drug is used for treating menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, burning, etc. • It is also recommended for preventing the condition of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. • It helps in replacing estrogen in those women whose ovaries due to any reason are unable to produce enough estrogen. • For treating certain cancer in both men and women.

Side effects

Some of the less serious side-effects of the drug are mild nausea, increased hair growth, breast pain, vaginal itching, headache, changes in menstrual period, etc. These side-effects do not demand medical attention. But, side-effects like allergic reactions, abnormal vaginal bleeding, jaundice, sudden weakness, swelling on face, throat, lips, etc. are serious in nature and need to report to doctor immediately.


Store the tablets in tightly closed container and at room temperature.


Conjugated estrogen is considered as an active ingredient in the drug.

Dosage and administration

When conjugated estrogen tablets are recommended for treating symptoms of menopause or osteoporosis, the recommended dosage is 0.3mg tablet once in a day. The dosage can be increased as per patient’s health condition. Intake of the drug on daily basis is important for obtaining the benefits. For estrogen replacement, the recommended dosage is 0.3 mg or 0.625 tablet taken once in a day. For treating symptoms of breast cancer, the recommended dosage is 10mg tablet taken three times in a day. In certain conditions, the drug is given on a cycle of 25 days which, taking 5 tablets in a week. Take it with water, with or without food. Due to certain side-effects, the lowest dosage of the drug is recommended and for the shortest time period.

Administration to pregnant women and nursing mothers

The drug is categorized as pregnancy category X medication, which indicates that it is not recommended for pregnant women. However, if a woman is using the drug and pregnancy occurs accidentally, the situation does not lead to serious consequences. Estrogen containing medicine like Premarin is not recommended for nursing mothers as well.


Taking overdosage of Premarin leads to certain symptoms like vomiting, vaginal bleeding, nausea, etc. These symptoms demand immediate medical attention.