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US Brand Name Premarin
Generic Name Conju. Estrogens
Other Brand Name PREMARIN
Manufacturer WYETH
Packing 28
Form Tablet
Strength 0.625 mg

  • 84 Tabs 1.25mg (WYETH) $61.70
  • 28 Tabs 0.3mg (WYETH) $34.46
  • 84 Tabs 0.625 mg $58.00
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Premarin is a medication recommended for treating a number of medical conditions. The medicine is prescribed for treating menopausal symptoms in females. The drug is also prescribed for treating hormone deficiency in younger females and for providing the relief from some of its symptoms. The tablets of the drug for oral administration are available in the dosage strengths of 0.9mg, 0.625mg, 0.45mg and 0.3mg.


Premarin is prescribed for treating the following conditions:


Conjugated estrogen is considered as an active ingredient in the drug.