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US Brand Name Priorin
Generic Name Millet extract/ Calcium Pantothenate/ L-cystine/ Biotin
Other Brand Name Priorin
Packing 60
Manufacturer Bayer
Form Cupsule
Country India

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Priorin is a dietary supplement that effectively nourishes hair and nails. This drug contains Vitamin B5 and L-Cystine. Migliorin which contains sulphurous amino-acids, Keratin, Golden Millet, Pantothenate (vit. B5), Millet extract and Wheat-Germ oil.


The essential minerals and vitamins of these drugs help nourish and replenish the skin, in particular with the hair and nails.


In using this medication are patients that are not allowed to use especially when they have allergic reaction with the medication or content of it. There are certain type


Priorin is composed of the main active ingredients of Wheat Germ Oil, Vitamin B5 and Millet extractL-cystine. It is marketed in the form of capsule and with the strength of 300 mg. This is pack with 60 pieces per packaging.

Dosage and administration

In using the drug take two capsules per day, after or during the meals with a full glass of water. While in medication you must not overdose the suggested daily dosage and exceed with the recommended daily prescription of the doctor. The doctor may give different dosage of the drug depending on the condition of the patient. In taking this drug avoid having it when they are smashed, crushed, and broke or cut into half. This drug can cause serious side effects that lead to fatality. It is more appropriate to use the medication just by swallowing and let it melt through the stomach. Avoid using the drug if it not the schedule times to drink the tablet. Just open the tablet when the schedule time had arrived to drink the medication.