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US Brand Name Priorix Mono Dose
Generic Name Measles Vaccine (Live)/ Mumps Virus Vaccine/ Rubella vaccine (Live)
Other Brand Name Priorix Mono Dose
Packing 0.5ml
Manufacturer GSK
Form Injection
Strength Measles Vaccine (Live) (1000ccid50)/ Mumps Virus Vaccine (5000ccid50)/ Rubella vaccine (Live) (1000ccid50)
Country India

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The vaccine of MMR is a trivalent live attenuated measles, mumps and rubella viruses, which is available as a lyophilised mixture of different strains of these three viruses. The live attenuated vaccine is given by parenteral route and contains enough antigens to provide lifelong prevention from measles, mumps and chicken pox. These are present in combination in the single monodose vials of 0.5 ml.


The lyophilised vaccine of measles, mumps and rubella contains live attenuated strains belonging to these three types of bacilli and is meant to provide active and primary immunisation to the person who takes the vaccine. It is usually given to children from the young age, usually by their first birthdays. If there is no documented evidence of the vaccination, then also the children should be administered with this vaccine.

Side effects

The common side effects seen with the vaccination with MMR were related to local reactions and include rashes, redness, local pain, fever, swelling, and sometimes febrile convulsions. A few symptoms which were related to vaccine administration but were rare are nervousness, pharyngitis, diarrhea, bronchitis, vomiting, cough, and otitis media. Very rarely, thrombocytopenia or thrombocytopenic purpura and meningitis are seen to occur.


The vaccine is not to be given if the person is suffering from acute febrile illness. The contraindication to vaccine is there if the recipient is hypersensitive or allergic to the vaccine or any other component therein. Those with impaired immune response will not be able to develop antibodies if the vaccine is given. It is contraindicated in pregnant women and females are advised to not get pregnant within 3 months of receiving the vaccine.


The MMR vaccine is kept at a temperature of 2-8 deg C and should not be kept for more than 8 hours after reconstitution.


0.5 ml of the reconstituted vaccine contains not less than 103.7 CCID50 of the RIT 4385 mumps, not less than 103.0 CCID50 of the Schwarz measles, and not less than 103.0 CCID50 of the Wistar RA 27/3 rubella virus strains. In the packing, there is a prefilled syringe available with the diluent of 0.5 ml, which needs to be injected into the vial to make a solution.

Important Precautions

The vaccine is not to be administered intravenously ever. When injecting at a site, the place if cleaned with alcohol based substances should be allowed to get evaporated before the vaccine is given. Medical help should be at hand, when the vaccine is about to be injected. People with thrombocytopenia should be checked for aggravation of the condition by doing serological tests. Since the safety of the vaccine in pregnant, nursing mothers and children below 12 months has not been established, they should be avoided. Physicians should be careful about the convulsions if it occurs in children during vaccination or has developed anytime before it.

Dosage and administration

The vaccine is to be given in a dose of 0.5 ml after reconstitution with the supplied diluent. The dosage schedule of vaccination is with the 12 months for the first dose of MMR which is to be repeated within 1 month and then by 18 months. Although measles is the one which should be administered as follow up dose, the administration of the other two vaccines is not harmful. The vaccine is to be administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly and never should be given intravenously.