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Generic Optimmune, Opticare Eye Ointment for Animals Patient Information Sheet

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For the use only of a Veterinary Medical Practitioner or a Hospital or a Laboratory or a Farm

Cyclosporin Ophthalmic Ointment 2 mg/gm


For ophthalmic use in dogs only



Cyclosporin Ph Eur……………………2mg/gm

MODE OF ACTION : When applied ophthalmically, cyclosporin is believed to act as a local immunomodulator of diseases suspected to be immune-mediated such as keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS) and chronic superficial keratitis (CSK). In the management of KCS, the mechanism by which cyclosporin causes an increase in lacrimation is poorly understood. Clinical improvement in cases of KCS is not necessarily dependent on an increase in aqueous tear production.

INDICATIONS: OPTICARE Ophthalmic Ointment is indicated for management of chronic keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS) and chronic superficial keratitis (CSK) in dogs.

DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION : Remove debris with suitable nonirritating solutions Apply a ¼ inch strip l <->i of ointment to the affected eye(s) every 12 hours. The ointment may be placed directly on the cornea or into the conjunctival sac.

It is recommended that dogs exhibiting chronic recurring conjunctivitis be tested for adequate tear production to determine if they are suffering from early stages of chronic KCS.

For best results in treating KCS, cyclosporin ophthalmic ointment should be administered early in the course of the disease before irreversible damage to the lacrimal tissue, or dense corneal scarring or pigmentation occurs.

Dogs afflicted with KCS or CSK will most likely require lifelong consistent therapy. For CSK, because environmental factors such as ultraviolet (UV) radiation are implicated in the pathogenesis, clinically signs may subside in the winter months when light intensity is reduced or if the dog is moved to a lower altitude, or indoors, and thus exposed to less UV radiation.

In cases refractory to cyclosporin, the diagnosis should be reevaluated and a different course of therapy considered. Periodic reassessment of the need for OPTICARE Ophthalmic Ointment therapy is recommended.

PRECAUTIONS : Any contents remaining one month after the date on which the container was first opened should be discarded.

STORAGE CONDITIONS : Store below 25 degrees C



OPTICARE……………………….tube of 3.5 gm