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US Brand Name Rebetol
Generic Name Ribavirin
Other Brand Name Rebetol
Packing 70, 84
Manufacturer Schering-Plough, Fulford India
Form Cupsule
Strength 200mg
Country India

  • 70 Capules 200mg $6.60
  • 84 Capules 200mg $6.66
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Rebetol is as drug that considers being antiviral medication that is used together with an interferon of alfa product.


This drug is not effective when it is used alone in treating the hepatitis C. This drug must be used with the interferon alfa product such as such as Sylatron, PegIntron, Pegasys, or Intron A.

Side effects

There are conditions that may appear during the medication. Some of these conditions problems with your vision, fever, chills, body aches, flu symptoms, dry mouth, severe pain in your upper stomach spreading to your back, nausea, headache, muscle pain, nausea and vomiting, fast heart rate and chest pain or heavy feeling. If these conditions are always persistent stop using the medication and call your doctor at once.


There are patient that are not allowed to use the drug especially when they are having allergic reaction with the drug. Some conditions that are not allowed to use drug such as severe liver disease, autoimmune hepatitis, hemoglobin disorder such as anemia and drug if you are also taking didanosine.


Store the medication in the room temperature with light and moisture away from exposure.


Rebetol is composed of Ribavirin as the main active ingredient of the drug and with the strength of 200 mg. This has the packaging 70 or 84 pieces per and is marketed in the capsule.

Important Precautions

During the medication it is important that you take the medication with the prescription of the doctor. Patient with allergic reaction the medication should inform the doctor immediately.

Dosage and administration

In taking this medication it is important that it must have the prescription with the physician. The dosage of this drug would depend on the condition of the patient that has been diagnose and recommended by the doctor. It must be important that when taking the medication it must have the proper instruction from the doctor. Never use this medication more than what was prescribed by the doctor. When taking the medication more than what was prescribed by the doctor for this cause severe reaction from the drug or fatality. The initial dosage of this drug for patient that are less than 40 kg is 200 mg that is taken twice and taken orally with a day plus peginterferon alfa-2b 50 mcg within a week. For patient that are 40 to 50 kg the dose is 200 that is taken orally and taken twice with the drugs of peginterferon alfa-2b 64 mcg within a week. In patients with 51 to 60 kg the dose is 200 mg orally that is taken twice a day with the medication of plus peginterferon alfa-2b 80 mcg in a week. For patients with 61 to 65 kg the drug is taken orally that is twice a day with plus peginterferon. In using the medication it is important not to take the medication if it is smashed, crushed, or broke into half. It is more appropriate to use the medication if it is taken by swallowing it and let it melt to the mouth.