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US Brand Name Rebiff
Generic Name Recombinant human interferon β-1a.
Other Brand Name Rebiff
Packing 3,12
Manufacturer Schering-Plough
Form Syringe
Strength 22mcg, 44mcg x 0.5ml

  • 22mgc x 0.5ml Injection Syringe $119.88
  • 44mgc x 0.5ml Injection Syringe $175.75
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Rebiff Vaccine Injection is a drug that works Biologic response modifier or biosynthetic (recombinant DNA origin) in the form of endogenous human interferon beta.


This drug is used for the management of relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis, relapsing forms of secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis, and with patients who are having high risk of developing clinically definite Multiple Sclerosis.


When using this medication patient should know that when they are having allergic reaction are not allowed to use the medication. For patient who is having conditions like liver and kidney disease are not allowed to use the drug. There are drug which are not allowed to combine with the medication, ask your doctor about it.


This drug has the composition of Recombinant human interferon ?-1a as the main active ingredient. This has the strength of 22 mcg, 44 mcg x 0.5 ml and is marketed in the form of syringe. This is pack either with 3 pieces per or 12 pieces per pack.

Important Precautions

In using this medication it is appropriate that you have the proper prescription from the doctor. When using the drug inform your doctor if there are conditions or allergic reaction that can affect the patient. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are not allowed to use this drug without the prescription of the doctor. For this drug can cause side effects that can affects the baby

Dosage and administration

This drug should be administered under the supervision from the doctor. Before using this medication it is important that the patient should have the proper instruction of the drug. For this drug is an injection proper dosage should be applied with the proper training and instruction from the doctor. This drug can also be taken in with authorize area or people are like the clinic, hospital and license practitioners to inject the drug. During the medication it is not allowed that you will use the injection with other patient for this can cause transmission of diseases. In injecting the drug you must inject in the blood vessels and must alternately inject and not on the same area. If the drugs are having lumps or there are discolorations of the drug, you must not take for this can cause side effects to the patient.