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US Brand Name Relispray Herbal Spray
Generic Name Wintergreen Oil/ Karpura/ Nilgiri Ka Tel/ Pudine Ka Phool/ Lavang Ka Tel
Other Brand Name Relispray Herbal Spray
Packing 36g, 75g
Manufacturer MidasCare Pharma
Form Spray
Country India

  • Spray 36g $6.90
  • Spray 75g $12.90
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Generic Relispray is an herbal pain reliever. It has rubifacient analgesic anti-inflammatory agents present in micro fine particles that enter into the epidermal layer of the skin when sprayed. The action eventually renders relief from pain. It is available in aerosol formulations.


Relispray is used to gain relief from the muscular pain occurring due to sprain, arthritis and over exertion. It is also used by pregnant women to get rid of backache. Patient who are sensitive to oral pain killers prefer to go for Relispray pain reliever.


The active ingredients present in the composition are Winter Green Tel, Lavang Ka Tel, Pudina flower, Nilgiri Ka Tel Ka Phool, Cinnamon Oil, Turpentine Oil and Karpura.

Dosage and administration

The medication should be used exactly te way prescribed by the doctor. Do not spray the medicine over large areas of the body without taking your doctor