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US Brand Name Rilutek
Generic Name Riluzole
Other Brand Name Rilutek
Packing 56
Manufacturer Sanofi Aventis
Form Tablet
Strength 50mg
Country Turkey

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The drug RILUTEK is a member of the benzothiazole class. The drug has a mode of action which is unknown. It has several pharmacological properties which include an inhibitory effect on glutamate release, inactivation of voltage-dependent sodium channels, and ability to interfere with the intracellular events that follow the transmitter binding at excitatory amino acid receptors.


This medication is indicated for the treatment of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and it also extends survival and/or time to tracheostomy.


The drug is contraindicated in patients who have a history of severe hypersensitivity reactions to riluzole or any of the components of the tablet.


The drug is available as a white, film-coated tablet used for oral administration which contains 50 mg of riluzole. The other inactive ingredients include anhydrous dibasic calcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, anhydrous colloidal silica, magnesium stearate, and croscarmellose sodium.

Important Precautions

This drug should be prescribed with care in patients with current history of abnormal liver function showed by significant abnormalities in the serum transaminase (ALT/SGPT, AST/SGOT), bilirubin, and/or gamma-glutamate transferase (GGT) levels. The drug RILUTEK even in patients without a recent history of a liver disease causes elevations in the serum aminotransferase levels. Treatment should be discontinued if ALT levels are greater than or equal to 5

Dosage and administration

The recommended dose of this drug is 50 mg taken every 12 hours. The RILUTEK tablets should be taken at least an hour before, or two hours after, a meal to avoid a food-related decrease in bioavailability of the drug. Patients and caregivers should be instructed that RILUTEK tablets should be taken on a regular basis and at the same time of the day such as in the morning and evening every day. If a dose of this medication is missed, take the next tablet as soon as you remember based on the original schedule.