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US Brand Name Rotarix Oral Vaccine
Generic Name Rotavirus vaccine (live attenuated,oral)
Other Brand Name Rotarix Oral Vaccine
Packing 1ml
Manufacturer GSK
Form Oral Vaccine
Strength 1000000ccid50
Country India

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Rotavirus is one of the most common causes of diarrhea in pediatric age group and is very resistant to any type of treatment. Due to their being live attenuated, the viruses of rotavirus of the G1P [8] type helps in preventing the infection during childhood. By giving the vaccine, children are protected from severe intractable diarrhea. As the vaccine is available in oral suspension besides the injectable vial form, they can be given orally also, which is quite effective.


Rotari is a live attenuated RIX4414 strain of human rotavirus of the G1P [8] type that is used as prophylaxis against diarrhea caused by rotavirus of a number of strains. It can be used in children from 6 weeks of age to 24 weeks of age.

Side effects

Some of the common side effects after giving vaccines are diarrhea, vomiting, skin reactions, irritability, cough and running nose. Dermatitis is another common thing about the use of this vaccine but rare chances at only 2 doses. Further studies are being conducted to see the overall side effect profile.


History of hypersensitivity is an important contraindication for the use of the live attenuated RIX4414 strain of human rotavirus of the G1P [8] type. Those children who have the gastrointestinal tract malformation, history of intussusceptions, and severe combined immunodeficiency disease, they should not be given this vaccine.


The powder form of the oral suspension vaccine should be stored at temperatures of 2-8 deg C. The diluent should also be stored at this temperature. Reconstituted vaccine should be used immediately or can be kept at 208 deg C for 24 hours. The vaccine should be kept away from light and not allowed to freeze.


The vaccine of Rotari oral suspension contains live attenuated rotavirus of strain RIX4414 of the G1P [8] type in a concentration of 1 million of median cell culture infective dose of 1 ml of vaccine. The vial form also contains the same live attenuated vaccine at a concentration of 1 million CCID50 in 1 ml of vaccine. The vial form of vaccine is to be reconstituted with a given liquid diluent, from a prefilled oral applicator.

Important Precautions

The vial and the syringe are not used where there are latex products as the vaccine reacts with latex. In children with diarrhea, the vaccine should be given at a delayed date. Primary immunodeficiency disease conditions should be asked from the parents so that the vaccine can be given safely. Post exposure prophylaxis is not considered to be in the uses, but it has not been tested fully. Shedding and transmission of rotavirus in stools has been seen in some cases, and therefore should be watched for. Signs and symptoms suggesting intussusception are to be noted as it may lead to serious problems.

Dosage and administration

Oral suspension of the vaccine is given by mouth at a dose of 1 ml beginning at 6 weeks. There is a second dose of the suspension to be used after 4 weeks interval but necessarily before 24 weeks. The oral suspension is administered with the help of a prefilled injection which is to be used to insert the vaccine into the mouth.