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US Brand Name Stalevo
Generic Name Levodopa, Carbidopa, Entacapone
Other Brand Name Stalevo
Packing 100
Manufacturer Novartis
Form Tablet
Strength 50mg,100mg,150mg / 12.5,25mg,37.5mg / 200mg

  • 100 tabs 50mg / 12.5mg / 200mg $158.00
  • 100 tabs 100mg / 25mg / 200mg $158.00
  • 100 tabs 150mg / 37.5mg / 200mg $167.00
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Stalevo is a combination of Carbidopa, Levodopa, and Entacapone. Levodopa is a chemical converted to what we called dopamine that is found in the brain. This chemical is found in the brain in condition of Parkinson's disease that is caused by the low levels of dopamine. Carbidopa helps to prevent the breakdown of levodopa before it would reach it in the brain and take effect. Entacapone helps increases levels of levodopa that is found body.


Stalevo is a combination of ingredients carbidopa, entacapone, and levodopa. This drug is used for the treatment of Parkinson symptoms such as muscle stiffness, spasms, tremors and poor muscle control.


Stalevo is a drug that has the three components of Levodopa, Entacapone and Carbidopa as the active ingredient of the drug. This has drug comes from different strength from 500 mg, 100 mg 150 mg per 12.5, 25 mg, 37,5 mg per 200mg. and formed as a tablet with the packaging of 100 pieces per pack.

Dosage and administration

This medication must be given with the doctor