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US Brand Name Synvisc
Generic Name Hyaluronic Acid
Other Brand Name Synvisc
Packing 2ml x 3
Manufacturer Genzyme
Form Injection
Strength 8mg/ml
Country India

  • 3 x 2ml vial 8mg/ml $444.00
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Synvisc Injection is a drug that is similar to the fluid that is in the joints in your body as form of a fluid. The fluids work as a lubricant and also consider being a shock absorber for the joints.


Synvisc Injection is used for the treatment knee pain that is caused by a condition called osteoarthritis. Synvisc Injection is commonly given to the patient after other arthritis medications that have been tried with the unsuccessful treatment.


These drugs are contraindicated to patients that are having allergic reaction to the medication. Patient who has condition like knee infection, or having infection in the skin around your knee having bloods clots around the knee are not allowed to use this drug. Also tell your doctor if you had allergies to birds, feathers and egg products for this food or products are not allowed to be used this drug.


This drug is composed of an ingredient what we call as Hylan G-F 20 that the main ingredient of this medication. It has the strength of 8 mg per 1 ml x 2 ml and formed as an injection. This has the packaging of 3 pieces per pack.

Important Precautions

This medication is not allowed to use without the doctor

Dosage and administration

In using this medication it is important that you must use it with the prescription of the doctor. Never take this drug more than or less than what was prescribed by the doctor. For this can cause serious side effects and could lead to death. Since this medication it is injected proper training and instruction must be given in taking this drug. But this drug is basically can be given in the hospital, clinic or license doctor. When using the needles it is important that you would not share it with anyone else for this can cause transmission of disease. If the patient will be using this drug by him or herself, it is important to have the proper training in using this drug. This drug cannot be injected on the same area of the injected, you must alternately inject through the veins so that it could give the best result. When there are compositions of lumps or the discoloration of the drug avoids using it and disposes it in the proper area.