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US Brand Name Tadalafil
Generic Name Tadalafil
Other Brand Name Tadaga, Exilar, Modula
Packing 30
Manufacturer Sava Medica Limited, Sun pharma
Form Tablet
Strength 2.5mg, 5mg

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Generic Cialis is regarded as an oral drug that is used for treating erectile dysfunction (ED) problem in males. Also known as impotence, in this condition a person is unable to achieve erection due to which his sex life hampers significantly. The drug can be obtained in the tablet form in the dosage strength of 2.5mg and 5mg.


An erection occurs when sequence of events take place in the required manner. When the process gets interrupted due to any reason, erection is not maintained or achieved. This is referred as ED (erectile dysfunction). Primarily used for treating impotence, the drug works by relaxing muscles, thereby increasing blood flow to the penile area. An important point necessary to highlight is that the drug does not cure erectile dysfunction; it helps in boosting body’s natural mechanism which helps in maintaining an erection to a satisfactory level. The clinical trials have shown that by taking the drug, people have started enjoying their sex lives again.

Side effects

Some of the less serious side-effects of generic Cialis are headache, diarrhea, muscle pain, flu symptoms, redness or warmth in face, etc. These effects go away with the regular dosage. However, some person experiences serious side-effects like difficulty in breathing, irregular breathing, chest pain, seizure, vision loss, etc. These side-effects can show life threatening results; therefore it is important to seek medical consultation on immediate basis.


Store the drug at room temperature i.e. at 59-86 degrees F or 15-30 degrees C. Keep the tablets away from light, heat and moisture.


Tadalafil acts as key ingredient in the drug.

Important Precautions

Some of the precautions which are necessary to follow while taking the drug are: • Disclosure about all medications is important. • If you are allergic with any drug, tell the doctor about the same • If you are pregnant, planning to be or breastfeeding, take generic Cialis after doctor’s approval. • Do not stop taking the dosage and increase or decrease the dosage without doctor’s approval.

Dosage and administration

Take the dosage as prescribed by doctors. The dosage may differ from person to person depending upon the medical condition and other facts. The Tadalafil tablet can be taken with or without food. More than one dosage of maximum 10 mg is not recommended in a day. Take the drug at least 30 minutes prior initiating the sexual activity. For obtaining the best result, prefer taking the drug same time every day. It is advised to seek medical attention immediately if the erection lasts for more than 4 hours.


Chest pain, feeling light-headed, nausea, pounding heartbeat, etc. are some of the common symptoms experience by a person when he takes the overdosage. Thus, it becomes important to seek medical help immediately.

Patient Information Sheet
For the Use of Registered Medical Practitioner or a Hospital or a Laboratory Only Composition: Blazer 5 Each Film Coated Tablet Contains: Tadalafil………………………….5mg Blazer is a medication used in the treatment of an erectile dysfunction, which is generally happen in men. Through this medication, he can keep his penis erect, hard and longer and ... [Read More]