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US Brand Name Triquilar
Generic Name Levonorgestrel/ Ethinyl Estradiol
Other Brand Name Triquilar, Loette
Manufacturer Bayer Schering
Packing 21
Form Tablet
Strength 10 tablet 0.125 mg/ 0.03 mg, 5 tablet 0.075 mg/ 0.04 mg, 6 tablet 0.5 mg/ 0.03 mg

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Triquilar belongs to the hormonal contraceptive class of drugs, which is used to reduce the risk of undesirable pregnancy. This medication works by preventing ovulation and leading to changes in the mucus of the cervix, thereby making it difficult for sperm to penetrate and for egg to implant. This is a three phase contraceptive drug, which is used for long action. The main acting substance of the medication produces mucus in the uterine that prevents sperm to penetrate inside the ovum. A strong pharmacological action has been practically observed after the start of the medication.


Triquilar, combination of two hormones progestin and estrogen, is used to prevent undesired pregnancy by preventing the release of the egg. The medication also causes changes in the womb and cervical mucus making it difficult for the egg to meet sperm. The medication also makes it difficult for the fertilized egg to attach to the wall of the womb. Triquilar, besides preventing pregnancy is also found effective in the treatment of irregular menstruation and also decreases blood loss and painful periods. It also decreases the risk of ovarian cysts but it does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Side effects

Side effects are usually undesired response to a medication when taken the medication in the normal and prescribed dosage. Mild to moderate side effects usually disappears with the continuous usage of the medication and some severe side effects need to be discussed with the doctor if these persist for longer period of time or become bothersome. Although it is not necessary for each and every woman taking this medication to experience any side effects as most of the women tolerate this medication quite well. • Nausea and dizziness • Diarrhea • Abdominal cramping • Pain or tenderness in breast • Brown and blotchy spots on skin • Acne • Increased or decreased interest in sexual activity • Ankle and feet swelling • Vomiting


Triquilar must be stored at normal room temperature at 20 to 250 C and must be kept away from heat, light and moisture. The medication must also be kept away from children and pets.


Triquilar contains two active components called Ethinylestradiol and Levonorgestrel.

Important Precautions

Women using this medication need to undergo regular checkups to ensure that the medication is not causing any unwanted side effects. In case of any emergency treatment or before going any kind of surgery, it is important to notify the doctor about the usage of the Triquilar as the doctor will be able to decide that whether you should continue with the medication or not. Some of the medicines like ampicillin, penicillin, rifampin, ritonavir are known for reducing the effect of this oral contraceptive and hence patients might need different methods of birth control. The medication is not prescribed to women who are allergic to any of the ingredient of Triquilar and the women suffering with following diseases should also not prescribed with this medication:
• Kidney disease • Breast tumor • Heart disease • Uterine bleeding

Dosage and administration

Triquilar should be administered exactly as prescribed by the doctors and one should strictly follow the doctors prescribed dosage to achieve the main usage of the medication. The dosage and administration process is also specified on the packing of the drug. Usually the women are recommended to start the medication from the first day of the menstrual cycle. Triquilar packing indicates the pill recommended for each day of the dosage duration. The women need to take one tablet orally in a day on the same time. Break of more than 24 hours must be avoided and in case any single doss is missed then the pharmacological effect of the drug is reduced. One blister back of the medication has 21 tablets for the 21 days, after which the users need to give a 7 day break and from the 8th day new pack of the medication is started again in the similar process.


Overdose of any medication is not good for health and need emergency medical help to get rid of the excess of medication. In case of overdose of Triquilar also the patients need immediate medical treatment. Triquilar overdose symptoms are nausea and vaginal bleeding.