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US Brand Name Typherix
Generic Name Salmonella typhi vaccine
Other Brand Name Typherix
Packing 0.5 mL
Manufacturer GSK
Form Syringe
Strength 25 mcg
Country India

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The salmonella typhi vaccine is given to people for the prevention and prophylaxis of typhoid infection. It can be given in children above 2 years of age and before travelling or for prophylaxis before they get the infection from transmission from carriers around them. It is a vaccine that contains the Vi polysaccharide of the salmonella typhi organism which is the causative factor for typhoid infection.


Vaccine of salmonella typhi is given for active immunization as prophylaxis in people who are going to endemic typhoid areas. For people who are supposed to come in contact with carriers or are living in an environment that will lead to typhoid infections, the vaccine is administered. The laboratory and health service providers are also administered with this vaccine. From age 2 to adults, the vaccine can be administered to prevent the infection from salmonella typhi.

Side effects

The common side effects were seen in younger and children age group. Some of them are headache, fever and soreness at the injection site. Redness, pain and swelling are seen at the site of injection in many cases. Systemic side effects should be marked such as fever, headache, malaise, nausea, and generalised body itching. Anaphylaxis, allergic manifestations and urticaria like symptoms have been found with the vaccine, but very rarely.


Subjects with known hypersensitivity to the vaccine or known components are not given vaccine. In case of acute severe febrile illnesses, the vaccine shouldn't be given.


Vaccine should not be used beyond the expiry date and it should be kept at a temperature of 2-8 deg C and should not be frozen and kept away from light.


The salmonella vaccine contains the Vi capsular polysaccharide of the salmonella typhi bacteria, which is antigenic and therefore causes the development of immunity against the organisms. It contains 25 mcg of polysaccharide in 0.5 ml of the vaccine. There are other excipients such as sodium chloride, disodium phosphate, phenol, etc.

Important Precautions

A watch should be given towards any kind of anaphylactic reactions. Care should be given for any kind of bleeding diasthesis in children and so the site of injection should be properly compressed. Children less than 2 years of age should not be given this vaccine. Since the assessment has not been done completely in pregnant and nursing mothers, it is best to avoid its use in such people. The vaccine is not supposed to be given intravenously in any circumstance.

Dosage and administration

The salmonella typhi vaccine is given as a single dose of 0.5 ml with 25 mcg of polysaccharide antigen. For people aged more than 19 years, the vaccine can be coadministered with Havrix in the other arm. In a separate syringe the vaccine is given in the arm. Since the vaccine provides immunity for 3 years, the next dose can be given after 3 years of the first dose.