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US Brand Name Urtiplex
Generic Name Shankh bhasma/ Karpardika bhasma/ Rubia cordifolia/ Acacia catechu/ Emblica officinalis/ Picrorrhiza kurroa/ Adhatoda vasica/ Curcuma longa/ Tinospora cordifolia/ Andropogon muricatus / Berberis aristata/ Hemidesmus indicus/ Nardostachys jatamansi/ Zingiber officinale
Other Brand Name Urtiplex
Packing 20
Manufacturer Charak Pharma
Form Capsule
Strength Shankh bhasma - 60 mg, Karpardika bhasma - 30 mg, Rubia cordifolia - 300 mg, Acacia catechu - 300 mg, Emblica officinalis - 300 mg, Picrorrhiza kurroa - 300 mg, Adhatoda vasica - 300 mg, Curcuma longa - 150 mg, Tinospora cordifolia - 150 mg, Andropogon muricatus - 120 mg, Berberis aristata - 75 mg, Hemidesmus indicus - 60 mg, Nardostachys jatamansi - 60 mg, Zingiber officinale - 30 mg
Country India

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Urtiflex is a very potent and effective herbal product of Charak Manufacturers. The drug has a generic name as Shankh bhasma. It helps in controlling blood sugar levels in the body. It helps the person body respond better to insulin produced by pancreas.


So what exactly is Urtiflex? It is an anti pruritic and an anti allergic medicine that has become very popular for its efficacy. Not only does it possess the ability to relieve itching and related problems caused as a result of, among other causes, minor rashes, it can also most effectively be used as an antiseptic. As an added advantage it also has anti-inflammatory properties. But what exactly does this all mean? Of the many things that this drug is capable of, it causes the immune system to get stimulated. What this means is that it makes the secretion of the antibodies more rapid which then enables the person's immune system to get boosted up and this helps fight the onslaught of diseases. Not only that, it also causes the white blood cells to get stimulated and this in turn ensures that the antigens, or foreign particles that are harmful for the body actually get targeted by the white blood cells. Along with this, it promotes the T cells (another form of white blood cells) to fight all symptoms of allergies or disease in a successful manner. All this immensely reduces the chances of a person getting sick due to viral infections or bacterial problems.


The harmless nature of the product itself, since, to date no noticeable side effects have been observed with the continual use of Shankh bhasma.


Shankh bhasma can be stored at room temperature in between 25 to 26 degree Celsius. Do not store it in bathroom. Avoid storing it in refrigerator; you need to keep it away from the reach of pets and children. Use the sealed bottle.


The drug comes in the form of capsules; the capsules are made of gelatin, in colors that have been clinically proved to be safe. And the reason why it is widely used is primarily because of the variety and range of potency that the manufacturers have on sale. The names and the potency of the drugs are as follows: Shankh bhasma is of a potency of 60 mg, while Karpardika bhasma is of 30 mg. Rubiacordifolia is of 300 mg, Acacia catechu about 300 mg, Shankh bhasma - is 300 mg, Adhatoda vasica is again 300 mg, Curcuma longa is of 150 mg potency, Tinospora cordifolia is 150 mg,

Dosage and administration

Uaing Shankh bhasma must be done with the advice of your physician.