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US Brand Name Levitra
Generic Name Vardenafil HCL
Other Brand Name Vardenafil,Valif, Zhewitra
Packing 10
Manufacturer Unicure
Form Tablet
Strength 20 mg

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Generic Levitra is a medication given for treating impotence i.e. erectile dysfunction in males. The drug works by blocking enzyme like phosphodiesterase-PDE5. In order to get the best results of the medication, it is necessary to take the medication as prescribed by health professionals. The drug is easily available in the dosage strength of 5, 10, 20 mg on most of the reputed online stores and pharmacies.


Vardenafil, the active ingredient of the medicine acts as phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor. It works by preventing action of phosphodiesterase type 5, a chemical, present in the body. The drug also works by relaxing muscles and increasing blood flow into the penis at the time of sexual intercourse. In other words, it can be said that the drug helps males in achieving and maintaining an erection to a satisfactory level.

Side effects

The drug shows both mild and severe side-effects. It is not necessary that every person experiences the side-effects. Depending upon body’s adaptability, side-effects vary from one person to another. Some of the less serious side-effects are headache, upset stomach, redness in neck, face, chest, etc. Some of the serious side-effects of the condition are sudden vision loss, irregular heartbeat, fainting, swelling in hands, ankles, feet, sudden hearing loss, etc. In the case of serious side-effects, it is advised to stop taking the medication and contact health professional immediately.


The generic Levitra must be stored at room temperature of 25 degrees C (77 degrees F). The medicine should be kept inside closed container and at dirt-free place. The medicine should be kept away from heat, moisture and light.


Generic Levitra contains Vardenafil HCL as an active ingredient.

Dosage and administration

The medicine should be taken with or without food and with water only. The Levitra tablet should be taken 1 hour prior initiating the sexual activity. Swallow the tablet, do not chew or broke it. Do not take more than one tablet in a day. Moreover, if erection continues for more than 4 hours, it is advised to contact health professionals immediately.


When a person takes overdosage of generic Levitra, he is likely to experience symptoms like vision problems, muscle pain, back pain, etc. In such scenario, seek medical attention immediately.

Clinical performance

The clinical trials were conducted on double-blind, fixed dose, parallel design, placebo-controlled in approximately 2431 men lying in the age group of 20-83 years. The dosage strength given in these groups are 5, 10, 20mg. In all tests, the meaningful and significant improvements are noted by people of all age group. Very few percentages of people have discontinued the dosage due to severe side-effects.