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US Brand Name Varilrix
Generic Name Varicella Vaccine (live) attenuated
Other Brand Name Varilrix
Packing 0.5ml
Manufacturer GSK
Form Vial
Strength 2000 PFU/dose
Country India

  • 1 x 0.5ml 2000 PFU/dose $67.23
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For the prevention of varicella zoster infection in children as well as adults, the varilrix injection which is a lyophilised vaccine containing live attenuated OKA strain of varicella zoster virus is given. Being a live vaccine, it is effective in providing adequate protection against varicella infections. By stimulating the immune system, specific antibodies are formed inside the body, which helps in destroying the virus, whenever they are activated. The live vaccine helps in controlling the chicken pox menace in the community.


The vaccine is used in children above 9 months as well as in adults to prevent the infection by varicella zoster or chicken pox virus. The vaccine should be administered preferably in people, for prophylaxis, who are more prone for infection by this virus, if they are living in such a surrounding or have people with lowered immunity around them, such as health staff, children and those living in unhygienic environment.


In people suffering from acute severe febrile illness, the vaccine is not to be given, although there is no harm in giving it in mild illnesses. If the leucocyte count is less than 1200 per cmm, or people have any kind of immune compromised situation, the vaccine shouldn't be used in such people. for patients known to have neomycin sensitivity, the vaccine is not possible to give. Pregnant females should not be given this vaccine and females shouldnâ


The varilrix injection contains the lyophilised live attenuated OKA strain of varicella zoster virus and each dose contains after reconstitution, not less than 103.3 plaque forming units (PFU) of the OKA strain of varicella zoster virus. There are other components or excipients in the vaccine such as polyalcohols, neomycin sulphate, amino acids, lactose, etc.

Dosage and administration

Every 0.5 ml of the reconstituted dose is one immunising dose. For children from 9 months to 12 years of age, two doses at interval of 6 weeks is the normal recommendation. Even for people above the age of 12 years, two doses of the vaccine with interval between two doses of 6 weeks is provided. In case people have received another vaccine brand of varicella, they can be given one dose of varilrix. The vaccine is administered subcutaneously in the upper part of the deltoid muscle in the arm. Reconstitution is done by adding the supplied diluents.