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US Brand Name Venusia max
Generic Name Squalane , Aloe vera , Vitamin E.
Other Brand Name Venusia max
Packing 150 gm
Manufacturer Dr Reddy
Form Intensive Moisturizing Cream
Strength Squalane , Aloe vera , Vitamin E.

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Squalane , Aloe vera , Vitamin E. is a moisturizing cream that has properties that helps the patient from having a healthy and younger look skin. It has enzymes that eliminates the presence of dead skin cells and rejuvenates the skin causing a satisfying effect to the patient. It activates by simply peeling off the dead skin and fights the growth of unlikely skin disorders. Application of this moisturizing cream develops the poor condition of the skin; through the presence of certain enzymes in the cream the skin is renewed.


Squalane, Aloe vera, Vitamin E. is essentially use in treating skin problem. It is used as an alternative in healing minor wounds, eczema, psoriasis, burns and other related skin condition. The ability of the composed strength gives off healing action in the affected area. Slowly by slowly the wounds and other damage area on the skin reacts to the substances that the cream is composed.

Side effects

Patient who was engage under the medication of Squalane, Aloe vera, Vitamin E. as the product works will experience certain side effects. After the first application the patient is expected to experience skin itchiness, peeling off the skin, pimples and other skin problems. These side effects are normally experienced in result to the reaction of cream upon application but it is has no reported serious medical case. Other side effects are constipation, sneezing more than the usual, breathing problem, heartburn, chest tightening, swollen face and skin burns. If side effects are becoming severe quickly visit dermatologists so that given immediate medicine for remedy to stop the condition side effect severity.


The use of this moisturizing cream is strictly advised to patients with open wounds and has allergic reaction to the composition of this product.


Keep cream in a well closed bottle. Do not expose to dust. Put it under normal room condition.


Squalane, Aloe vera, Vitamin E. is a moisturizing cream with packed in a 150 ml in a pack and has the strength of the same Squalane, Aloe vera, Vitamin E.

Important Precautions

Patients who are using this moisturizing cream must not expose themselves under too much sun heat; it can trigger the normal condition of the patient. Do not expose to polluted areas, dust can adds up irritation of the skin. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages; this contains substance that may lead to additional skin allergies.

Dosage and administration

The first dosage of Squalane, Aloe vera, Vitamin E. moisturizing cream is done in the morning and in the night. Take a little amount onto the palm and slowly rubbed on the face and area you wish to apply. Gently give your face a massage until cream disappears. Do not take advance application without having check by the experts to prevent skin damage. This can be associated with other effective product that fits for the combination of Squalane, Aloe vera, Vitamin E.