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US Brand Name Verorab Rabies Vaccine
Generic Name Purified Verocell vaccine, rabies (PVRV)
Other Brand Name Verorab Rabies Vaccine
Packing 1
Manufacturer Sanofi Aventis
Form Vial + Syringe
Strength 2.5 IU x 1 dose

  • 25 IU Vaccine 1 Vial 1 Dose+ 1 Syringe $24.47
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This purified rabies vaccine is composed of the ingredients like the inactivated and attenuated purified rabies virus. It is injected in the body to prevent the rabies infection and also treat the rabies infection. Therefore, it is administered before the exposure to the rabies virus and also can be administered after the exposure of this virus to treat the patient. Due to its ability to induce the immune system which is active against the antigens of these injected rabies virus. These antibodies are gradually synthesised in the human body after taking the vaccine.


It can be administered before or after the exposure to the rabies virus via the dog or jackle biting. For the immunization purpose it is administered to fight against the rabies virus.

Side effects

Each and every drug administration produces some of the side effects on the human body as the extensions of their pharmacological actions. This vaccination also produces some of the adverse effects like minor reactions at the sight of the injection and other local areas and rarely does it also produce febrile reactions.


If, this vaccination is done before to the infection some of the conditions are there, which do not allow for the vaccination? These conditions are like severe fever due to any infections and any acute diseases. And no contraindications are found in the post-exposure cases. It cannot be administered along with the corticosteroids and immunosupressive drugs.


It should be kept in the temperature under 15 degrees Celsius inside the refrigerator. The direct sun radiation should be avoided. It should be kept away from the reach of the children.


This vaccine is composed of the inactivated attenuated purified rabies vaccine prepared over cell line.

Important Precautions

Some of the precautions are to be taken while administering this vaccine. These cases are the allergic reactions towards the streptomycin and neomycin. In pregnancy it should not be administered. As it interacts with the corticosteroids and immunosupressive drugs, prior to the administration of this vaccine the history of these drug intake should be taken.

Dosage and administration

This vaccine can be injected before or after the rabies infection. So, before the rabies infection 0.5ml of this vaccine is administered as the first dose in day first (D0), then the second dose is administered in the seventh day (D0), the third dose is given in the 28th day (D28). Then the first booster dose is given after one year and the second booster dose is given after five years. In the case of post-exposure to the rabies virus, the subject is injected with the dose 2.5ml as intra muscularly as the first dose in the first day as D0, the second dose is given after three days, the third dose is given after seven days, the fourth dose given after fourteenth day and the last dose is given after 28 days as D28.