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US Brand Name Vigomax Forte
Generic Name Withania somnifer, Mucuna puriens, Orchid lattifolia, Tribulus terrestris, Chlorophytum arundinaceum, Ricinus communis
Other Brand Name Vigomax Forte
Packing 1
Manufacturer Charak
Form Tablet
Strength Withania somnifer 200 mg, Mucuna puriens 200 mg, Orchid lattifolia 200 mg, Tribulus terrestris 225 mg, Chlorophytum arundinaceum 100 mg, Ricinus communis 150 mg

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Vigomax Forte Vigomax Forte is used by men when they experience erectile dysfunction or ED. It is manufactured by Charak Pharma and is a potent and effective treatment which is used and trusted by many patients as well as sexologists, physicians, Ayurvedic doctors and holistic healers. Vigomax Forte is meant to be taken twice daily with a glass of milk. It is advisable to check with your doctor to determine the correct dosage for you. There are more and more people each day who are diagnosed with treatable organic causes of erectile dysfunction. As time has gone on medical science has been able to uncover the causes of erectile dysfunction and what can cure it. Forms of treatment are various and may range from medications to be taken orally to injections as well as different types of surgical procedures. Since there are also methods which may work for awhile but may not prove to give permanent treatment and men want to avoid extreme methods of treating erectile dysfunction there is Vigomax Forte which has been known to correct this condition. What it does is that is relaxes the cavernosal muscles in a natural way and as a result increases blood flow to the penis. Using Vigomax Forte regularly one will see that after awhile the penis is able to achieve erection and this erection will last longer. What this medication does as well is that it also helps to cure premature ejaculation, can increase libido and help to improve sexual thoughts. In other words with Vigomax Forte you will be able to enjoy pleasurable foreplay with your partner and it will rejuvenate your sex life. In a study patients who had erectile dysfunction were given Vigomax Forte daily with a dosage of two tablets per night for six weeks. During this time the patients were checked for any unwanted or harmful side effects after the second week and afterwards every week for the next four weeks. Among the 45 people participating it was discovered that 32 of them had significant clinical improvement, 16 were cured in three weeks and 12 noticed improvement in six weeks. Therefore Vigomax Forte was proved effective in helping to cure erectile dysfunction. The best thing is that Vigomax Forte is an herbal-mineral preparation that has no ingredients which may cause addiction. There are no known withdrawal symptoms or adverse side effects. Keep in mind that natural remedies can increase one