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US Brand Name Generic Zomet
Generic Name Zoledronic Acid
Other Brand Name Zoldria
Packing 5ml
Manufacturer Cipla
Form Injection
Strength 4mg
Country India

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Hypercalcemia of Malignancy Zoledronic acid Injection is indicated for the treatment of Hypercalcemia of malignancy. It is suggested as a remedy for multiple myeloma and documented bone with standard antineoplastic therapy. Prostate cancer must have developed after treating it with at least one such therapy.


Zoledronic acid is considered beneficial remedy for Hypercalcemia of malignancy defined as an albumin-corrected calcium (cc a) of >12 mg/dL [3.0 m mol/L] using the formula: cc an in mg/dL=Ca in mg/dL + 0.8 (mid-range of measured albumin in mg/dL). This medication is used to treat high blood calcium levels that may occur with cancer. Zoledronic acid is also used with cancer chemotherapy to treat bone problems. It reduces high blood calcium levels by dropping the quantity of calcium released from your bones into your blood. It also works by slowing the break of your bones by cancer to prevent bone crack.

Side effects

The side effects associated with it are severe allergic reactions such as nausea, vomiting, irritation or swelling at the injection site, fever, chills , rash, itching, dizziness, headache, weakness, tiredness, trouble sleeping, shortness of breath, burning or painful urination, mood changes (e. g. , agitation, anxiety, confusion Storage) and many others. If you fail to use it immediately after dilution, for microbiological integrity, it should be refrigerated around 2°C-8°C. This solution then should be turned according to room temperature. Complete procedure of refrigerating and then bringing it to room temperature must not take more than 24 hours.


Its injection is contraindicated in patients with clinically significant hypersensitivity to Zoledronic acid or other bisphosphonates, or any of the excipients in the formulations of it.


Not applicable. This medication is given in a doctor's office, clinic, or hospital and will not be stored at home.


Each vial contains Zoledronic acid monohydrate equivalent to Zoledronic acid anhydrous 4 mg as sterile freeze dried powder for reconstitution with 5ml of Sterile Water for Injection IP.

Important Precautions

This acid must not be mixed with calcium or other divalent caution-containing infusion solutions, such as Lactated Ringer's solution, and must be considered a single solution in a line isolated from other medicines.

Dosage and administration

Due to the risk of clinically significant deterioration in renal function, which may progress to renal failure, single doses of Zoledronic acid should not exceed 4 mg and the duration of infusion should be not less than 15minutes. In the trials and in post marketing experience, renal deterioration, progression to renal failure and dialysis, have occurred in patients, including those treated with the approved dose of 4 mg infused over 15 minutes. There have been instances of this occurring after the initial acid dose.